Turning Tools & Accessories

Turning Tools and Accessories

The AXE™ Woodturning Tools

The AXE™ (patent pending) by Carter Products® was started more than a year ago in testing and development to create a better quality, more functional carbide turning tool than what was already on the market, made in the USA and at an affordable price. The AXE is all that and more from a company building quality since 1929. more info >

Hollow Roller® Lathe Hollowing Systems

Hollow Roller® Lathe Boring & Hollowing

Hollow Roller® lathe hollowing systems for all size lathes and projects from mini to full size and tiny to massive. We manufacture two distinct systems with the Hollow Roller XL (below left picture) covering vessel creation from 12" to 30"+ and the original Hollow Roller (below right picture) covering from the smallest vessels up to around 18". Both are easily adaptable to most lathes on the market, and manufactured with the same legendary quality that Carter Products has been know for in the Band Saw products for over eight years. more info >

Lathe MultiRest™ Work Support System

Lathe MultiRest™ Work Support System

The patent pending MultiRest™ is the "Next Evolution in Steadyrest Work Support Systems". This system is compatible with a range of lathe sizes from mini to 20" all with one unit. The system is lightweight, yet very robust. The system can be split open to access or remove the work piece as well as converting it from Steadyrest to Bowlrest configurations.

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Perfect Sphere™ Tool

The Perfect Sphere™ Tool is a sphere and concave turning system adaptable to most lathes on the market. The heavy duty construction and flexible configuration allow you to turn spheres from 1 inch to 14 inches in diameter on most lathes from 10" to 25". more info >

FACE-OFF™ Lathe Blank Faceplate Mounts

FACE-OFF™ Lathe Faceplate Mounts

The Carter FACE-OFF™ modular face plate system is a unique new system that allows the turner the ability to use multiple faces for their work, while only needing one threaded adapter for mounting on the lathe. This allows the turner to keep the face mounted on their work while it dries, they work on another project, or anything that would require a turner to normally remove and need to remount a faceplate. Since the face can now remain mounted the piece will be perfectly centered when they come back to turning it again. Each adapter has a set of two alignment pins which bring the adapter perfectly on center for every face. It also utilizes the same alignment system as the Center Master™ SOLO™ system for perfect blank alignment everytime .

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Center Master™ Blank Creation System

Center Master™ Blank Creation System

The AccuRight® Center Master™ Blank Creation System makes it possible to easily and consistently cut and mount circular lathe blanks (for bowl turning, hollow form projects, etc.) using the Carter Circle Cutter (sold separately). more info >

Lathe Tool Handles & Collets

Lathe Collets & Tool Handles

The Carter AccuRight® Series quick lock tool handle fits any round scraper, gouge or chisel and is built of lightweight but strong aluminium. The tool features a quick change collet head which allows the user to quickly and easily switch in-between tools. The tool comes with your choice of collet size (3/8", 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4") more info >

Strongbore™ Modular Boring System

The Strongbore™ Modular Boring System is a group of components that allows the user to bore a starting hole in their work piece to allow for further hollowing or turning. The Strongbore™ boring system is made of 3/4" steel bar stock which makes the system extremely rigid and is a night and day difference compared to the smaller diameter drill extensions currently used by most turners. There is no need for a drill chuck, or MT adapter as all is integrated into the Strongbore™. more info >

Woodturning Videos

Wood Turning Videos more info >