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CPS 800 and 900 literature 

Detailed product description for CPS 800 red and CPS 900 green Pattern Projection Systems. (518kb .PDF)

CPS 800 and 900 FAQ

Commonly asked questions about the Carter Z-Laser model CPS 800 and model CPS 900 Laser Pattern Projectors. (PDF 19kb)

Wood Digest article on Lasers

Article on the benifits of line lasers and CPS projectors in increasing productivity and efficiency in all types of manufacturing. (.pdf 138kb)

3D HFD projector specs

Product specifications for the Carter 3D HFD laser. (.pdf 600kb)

CPS Laser FAQ.

CPS laser FAQ sheet detailing the operation and uses for the Carter 3D/2D laser projection systems. (.pdf 400kb)

Notes for the Stone processing industry

Stone specific information on the Carter laser projection systems. (.pdf 80kb)