Technology Products

Z-Laser Pattern Projectors

Z-Laser Laser Pattern Projection Systems

The computer controlled Laser Pattern Projectors allow a size-for-size transfer of complete component drawings from a CAD system to the CNC-machining table with an accuracy of 1 mm/meter of projection distance. The polygons are projected with a red or green laser line onto almost any surface. The size, form, position, and height of the projection can be easily changed. more info >

Line Lasers for Alignment and Positioning

Lasers for Alignment and Positioning

From our 1940's start in alignment lighting to our current state of the art CPS Laser Pattern Generator, Carter has been a leader in bringing tommorows technology to industry today. Whether it's laser line part positioning via our Z-laser, LGL HeNe line, or laser pattern projecting via our CPS, Carter has a solution to your alignment needs. more info >

INSPECTO-LIGHT™ Inspection Lighting

INSPECTO-LIGHT™ Inspection Lighting

INSPECTO-LIGHT™ Inspection Lighting inspection lights instantly expose surface defects in veneer, hardboard, plywood, panels, textiles or any other flat surface. The Inspecto-Light™ inspection lights will flood any flatwork with low-angle white light that makes high spots, low spots and other defects stand out at a glance. Ideal for veneer or sanding operations, the Carter Inspecto-Light™ inspection light features low voltage incandescent lamps merging white, non-glare beams across the surface of the work. High and low defects are spotted immediately by the shadow they create. Cracks, splits, knotholes and other imperfections are fully illuminated. Work is completed faster, quality control is easier and eye strain is eliminated. Our inspection lights are available in two, four and six lamp models. Portable stand available for SP-44.

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Vacuum Clamping Flip-Pod®

Vacuum Clamping FlipPod®

The Carter Flip-Pod® Vacuum Piece Part Holding System utilizes vacuum power to hold wood, plastic or non-ferrous metal parts for machine processing. That sounds conventional. But this new system offers very special advantages over previous methods. The grid of "pods" fitted into the pod panel surface, provide sure control of vacuum in the desired areas without time wasting "spoil boards" or other methods. The benefits are substantial time savings, cost reduction, and added efficiency.

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Sanding Accessories

Snap Gauge, Digital Caliper & Depth Gauge

With our Wide Belt Sanding Set-up device you can set/check relative height settings of contact drums, pinch rolls, and shoes throughout your entire machine. Set/check side to side height settings of contact drums, pinch rolls, and shoes. Check contact drums, pinch rolls, and shoes for wear across face. Check runout of contact drums.

The Carter Digital Depth Gage provides a very convenient method to assist in the calibration of a wide belt sander. Solid, stable base for accurate measurements. Large, highly visible digital readout. Switches easily from millimeter to inch units. Electronic zeroing function allows easy comparisons. Measure precisely to .0005 accuracy.
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