Vacuum Clamping FlipPod®

The Carter Flip-Pod® Vacuum Piece Part Holding System utilizes vacuum power to hold wood, plastic or non-ferrous metal parts for machine processing. That sounds conventional. But this new system offers very special advantages over previous methods. The grid of "pods" fitted into the pod panel surface, provide sure control of vacuum in the desired areas without time wasting "spoil boards" or other methods. The benefits are substantial time savings, cost reduction, and added efficiency.

Flip-Pod® Vacuum Clamp Kits

Adaptable to almost any CNC router equipped with a vacuum pump and table, the Flip-Pod Vacuum Clamp system replaces the more traditional spoil-board with a Flip-Pod panel made of tough UHMW material. Vacuum Clamp Kits are available in pre-configured 100 and up configurations as well as custom configurations from 50 pods and up to meet the needs of any application. more info >

Flip-Pod® Vacuum Clamp Components

Flip-Pod Vacuum Clamp Components

Individual components for the Flip-Pod Vacuum Clamp kits. Available separately to enhance your existing kit, or replace worn or damaged vacuum clamp components. more info >