The AXE™ Hybrid™ Size Round Carbide Tipped Tool

The AXE™ Hybrid™ Size Round Carbide Tipped Tool

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This tool features a round carbide bit and is a new size we like to call the Hybrid™. After talking with our testers and other turners we received the feedback that many thought that most mini size tools where just too small for anything but pens and small projects. Likewise those same turners commented that many midi size tools are just too close to their full size counterparts to justify those in addition to the more functional full size tools. Thus taking this feedback into account we created the Hybrid™ line which has many of the tool bar size advantages to a smaller mini size tool, while retaining a fuller sized midi handle to give added functionality while not sacrificing any control from a too small handle. All shafts still feature the same great functions of the full size AXE™ but in a smaller package. The bits on all but the Diamond are a smaller size to go along with the smaller shafts.

The AXE™ (patent pending) by Carter Products® was started more than a year ago in testing and development to create a better quality, more functional carbide turning tool then what was already on the market. The early design and feedback from testers indicated that wood was the preferred handle material, and although we had initially envisioned a modular metal design with interchangeable tool bars, most of our testers indicated they didn’t want to stop working to change bars in and out, they just wanted to grab a tool and go! Thus, each tool is a stand-alone tool complete and ready to cut right out of the box. 

The first departure from traditional woodturning tools is the handle with its flat sides and angled rear. The tapper and flats on the rear not only allow for a more comfortable grip, but in the round and square tool they allow for positive angle registration when sheer cutting with the tool slightly angled. To facilitate the transition of angled cutting, both the round and square tipped tools have flat bases with slightly radius edges to allow smooth flowing movement from flat to angled. The flats also allow you to know the angle of the cutter when it isn't so easy to see as in bowls or other turnings where the cutter head is inside the piece. The Flats give you that instant feedback as to bit and tool angle without the need to visually see it. The diamond tool, which isn’t intended to be used at an angle, is completely flat on the base but shares the same comfortable handle as the rest of the AXE line. So, when you combine the enhanced control and comfort handle with the radius edge bars we’ve set a new standard in carbide tools.

The next feature, which was highly requested, was the quick identification feature we incorporated into the ferrule of the handle. All tools in the AXE line will repeat the same color code throughout the line. Thus, any size tool with a gold ferrule will be a detail tool. Any tool with a red ferrule will be a round tool and any tool with a blue ferrule will be a square tool. This way, at a moment’s glance to the tool rest, the correct tool can be found every time. As we add other shapes or cutters, new colors will follow but remain consistent within the entire AXE line. We plan to try to have different color handles per size as well. Thus the full size is hard maple and the Hybrid™ size is cherry also done for that visual instant tool recognition.

Other notable features that this tool has are as follows. It’s made in the USA right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The bar is full stainless steel for corrosion resistance and unlike some tools it is over built with the main bar inserted into the handle a full 5” for added strength and long term durability. The handle is solid hard Cherry, sourced and machined also in the USA.

By far the biggest selling point on top of all the revolutionary features already listed is that our introductory MSRP price for the full-size tools. For a MADE IN THE USA, full sized tool this price is significantly less than almost any other carbide tools on the market even without the above-mentioned features. To top that off the Square tool comes with both a true square bit as well as an installed rounded square bit to give this tool an additional $15 value.ned features. To top that off the Square tool comes with both a true square bit as well as an installed rounded square bit to give this tool an additional $15 value.


Item Number AXE-CARBH-RD
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