Band Saw Parts & Accessories

Carter Products was founded on it's superior band saw guide technology like the traditional Micro-Precision and Guidall lines, and continues to make advances today with innovative products like our revolutionary Stabilizer™ small blade guide and our Quick Release™ band saw blade tension toggle. The newest additions like our Accuright bandsaw blades continue the tradition of cutting edge accessories for bandsaws. We also carry replacement wheels in 36", 100% rubber and urethane tires in a variety of sizes. Small accessories like the Clean Sweep™ wheel brush and Cobra Coil™ replacement tension spring give big results in performance for little investment.

Band Saw Guide Upgrade Kits

Band Saw Guide Upgrade Kits

Carter Products offers band saw guide conversion (retrofit) kits for many popular saws. These kits typically include the upper and lower guides, upper and lower mounting brackets, studs, screws, and (if appropriate) a guard adapter bracket.

Users report Carter Guide Kits improve overall saw performance, reduce blade friction, and increase cutting accuracy. more info >

Band Saw Stabilizer®

Band Saw Stabilizer®

Guide System for Scroll Cutting

Carter's revolutionary patented Stabilizer® band saw guide provides excellent stability and unmatched versatility when cutting with blades ¼" or less in width. Simply slip the Stabilizer® in the slot normally occupied by your saw's side support block holder, or if you own or are purchasing a Carter full guide kit then it's just as easy as sliding out the upper guide and in the Stabilizer® and you're ready to cut. more info >

AccuRight™ Circle Cutter and Center Master™

AccuRight® Circle Cutter and Center Master™

The Carter AccuRight® Circle Cutting Jig quickly and easily attaches to almost any saw, allowing you to cut perfect circles everytime. With the addition of the AccuRight® Center Master™ Blank Creation System (sold separately) it becomes possible to easily and consistently cut and mount circular lathe blanks. more info >

Magfence® II Band Saw Fence & F.A.S.T.™

Magnetic Fence & AccuRight Log Mill™

The next generation Carter Magfence® II magnetic fence, is a universal fence system that uses no mounting hardware to attach to any ferrous metal table. The Carter F.A.S.T. -Fence Alignment System Tool, is a simple and easy magnetic design that allows you to place it on the blade and determine that you are in that sweet spot parallel to the blade for the highest degree of cutting accuracy. more info >

AccuRight® Log Mill™ and Miter Mill™

The Carter AccuRight® Log Mill™ is a sled system used to cut raw wood logs square so they can be processed via the band saw into usable lumber or project wood. The Carter AccuRight® Miter Mill™ is a sled system used to cut raw wood logs ends for bowl turning, or processing round logs for project wood.. more info >

Band Saw Tires & Wheels

Band Saw Tires & Wheels

Carter Band Saw Tires are made from the highest quality material to exacting standards. That’s why they deliver such outstanding performance and wear consistently for so long. Tires are available in both rubber (sizes 6" to 42" in 2" increments) and Carter ULTRA BLUE™ Urethane (sizes 10" to 20" in 2" increments). All tires come with complete, detailed instructions to facilitate proper installation.

Our 36" woodworking replacement wheels are a super rigid all steel design which are electronically balanced for true running far superior to any cast design. The unique split hub design allows our wheels to be fit to almost any shaft design. Lok-on and quick change tires, available in either rubber or neoprene are constructed with a tough 16 gauge steel core resulting in a strong, rugged, long lasting tire that resists damage, but is simple to change when maintenance or replacement is needed. more info >

Band Saw Blades

Band Saw Blades

From the biggest name in band saw upgrades comes the newest name in band saw blades. The Accuright band saw blades by Carter.

The first blade good enough to honor the Carter brand sets a new standard in cutting accuracy and blade durability.

If you don't see your blade length listed below CLICK HERE to order custom lengths or call Carter toll free at 888-622-7837 to order.

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Green Wood Saw Blades

Green Wood Blades

AccuRight® Green Wood blade. Ideal for anyone cutting wet green wood for their projects. Ideally suited for rough cuts on bowl and vessel blanks for turners. more info >

Band Saw Table Inserts

Bandsaw Table Inserts

AccuRight® Zero Clearance bandsaw table inserts

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Band Saw Blade Tension

Bandsaw Blade Tension

Carter's Tension accessories currently include the Cobra Coil™ replacement spring, the AccuRight® Ratchet-Rod™ and the innovative Quick Release™ Blade Tension Toggle. more info >

Band Saw Guides

Band Saw Guides

Carter guide assemblies are available for upgrading and replacement of worn or inferior guides. Our two main lines consist of the Micro-Precision and Guidall guides.

The Micro-Precision guides provide full blade contact via Tefloy rub blocks for maximum accuracy. They are well suited for general purpose work. Available for saws from 14" to 42".

The Guidall line which includes our 2000 series guides, provides all-ball-bearing support for smooth low friction running. Good for general purpose work and resawing. Also available for saws from 14" to 42" more info >

Band Saw Guide Mounts

Band Saw Mounts

Carter band saw mounts, studs and brackets are available individually to help adapt any of our guides to your saw. more info >

Bandsaw Guide Parts

Replacement parts for Carter's complete line of bandsaw guides. more info >

Band Saw Accessories

Band Saw Accessories & Parts

Carter's band saw accessories currently include the Clean Sweep™ band saw wheel brush, and the Limber Light™ magnetic work light.  The Clean sweep™ helps keep your wheels free from debris which shorten their life and effect blade tracking. The Limber Light™ is a small cable free LED task light with a magnetic base. This light can be placed anywhere you need additional work light for your tools. 

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Band Saw Tune-up Kits

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Woodworking Video DVD's

Woodworking Videos

DVD videos to assist you in perfecting your woodworking skills and creative and fun projects for all skill levels of woodworkers. more info >

Woodworking Books

Woodworking Books

Books to assist you in perfecting your woodworking skills. more info >